One of the many benefits of riding Gran Fondo NJ is our free photo service. Many events charge up to $40.00 for you to download an image of you riding – Our photo service lets you search for your images based on your bib number and download them for free.

To search the Gran Fondo NJ 2015 Photo Library for free downloads click the button provided.


You can search for your photos by entering your bib number and the site will filter through the 26,000+ photos taken and provide an 8 second window of photos - 4 before you crossed the timing mat, and 4 after. You can scroll thru these and download (for free, in hi-res) the photos you like.

You can either search all locations, or select specific locations (Start, bottom of climb, top of climb, finish) along your route.

Can't find your photos? Try searching the bib number of someone you rode with.

Still can't find your photos?

Send an e-mail to with the subject line Gran Fondo NJ 2015 Photo Search. Include in the e-mail your First Name, Last Name, Route and Bib Number. They may be able to locate them