The 42-Mile Piccolo

Like the musical instrument for which it is named, the Piccolo offers the full Gran Fondo experience with the Mass Start, a timed hill climb and lavish rest stop, but on a smaller scale.  If you think a 42 mile ride is too much, it helps to think of it as two 21 mile rides  with an amazing Rest Stop in between.

The route winds out of Morristown to Mendham, and then takes you through the “chateaus of Somerset County” before winding along Lake Road – one of the hidden gems of cycling in New Jersey.  At the half way point, in Peapack Gladstone, you are welcomed into the rest stop by cheerleaders and Seeing Eye guide dogs and puppies where you can feast on the usual offerings of a bike ride, or indulge yourself with a wide array of fresh fruits and our signature canolis.  Once rested and refueled you head back into Morristown through Mendham (where the timed “Mendham Mile” climb is) and Randolph (where the route merges with the returning riders from the Medio and Breve routes).  The highest point of the routes is in Randolph, but there is still some climbing left to do on the descent back into Morristown.