The 107-Mile Gran Fondo

This is not your typical century ride.  With four timed hill climbs spread out between mile 25 and mile 81, you will be challenged, but you will still have to face the seemingly endless little climbs on the rest of the route. The Gran course follows the Medio out to Califon, where it splits off along River road and heads 45 miles out to the Delaware River and back. Along the way you are treated to plenty of climbing, but also some spectacular views, like “The Launch Pad” at the end of Buffalo Hollow.

On the way we have amazing rest stops in Clinton (at mile 42) and just after the 2nd timed hill climb at Alexandria Park.  One of the favorite parts of the route is the long 5-mile rolling descent along Mechlin Corner Road to Van Syckles.   The loop re-joins the Medio in Califon for the return to Morristown. 

What the route lacks in the extremely long climbs you might find out west or in Europe, it more than makes up for in the sheer number of little climbs along the way.  Make sure you stop in at the 5 Rest Stops – you can do so without any impact on your results because we only time the four toughest climbs.  In past years we have featured Sea Salt Caramel cookies, Banana Nutella “sandwiches”, ice cream and other amazing treats to help keep you fueled up.  By the time you cross the finish line back in Morristown, you will be spent, but extremely satisfied with having finished a very challenging route.