We could tell you about Gran Fondo NJ but we thought our riders do a much better job. Here's what they said they liked best about the event:

More than 25% of our participants responded to our post-ride survey. 98% said they are coming back and would recommend the event to a friend, and consistently for the past 3 years, over 38% said it was the best one-day cycling event they had ever done.

A perfectly marked route, great roads, plenty of porta johns and most importantly, great food at the rest stops. I mean those ice cream sandwiches at the Califon stop were to die for!


I liked EVERYTHING!! A first class operation all the way! The rider camaraderie was, for me, the best part. A special thanks to the Team in Training guys who let me tag along at around the 45 mile mark, you were just what I needed when I needed it!!


It was an amazing ride! The weather could not have been better and the road signs and police support was outstanding! Thank you also to all the volunteers for keeping us hydrated and well nourished! See you all next year!


Everything about yesterday was a great experience! Could not ask for better weather, the friendliness and encouragement of the other riders, the support staff, well marked route…absolutely no negatives about the day. Those hills were something else though….I am feeling it today but very much worth it.


The friendliness & respect of all riders on the course, as well as the support staff. And the finishers ribbon was pretty awesome too… I saw a baby black bear romp across the street around mile 85ish & that was incredible, & got to see the bald eagle as well- I thought I was imagining it but since I wasn’t the only one that saw it I guess it was real!!


Unbelievable challenge! Amazingly well run and marked for such a huge event. Also great group of people to ride with. Many strangers helped me with encouraging words along the way when I was afraid I might not make it to the top. Thank you for running a great event.