• Team Captains get the team price in effect at the time they register
  • 50% rebate for Team Captain takes effect when team size reaches 15
  • Ride for $1.00 for Team Captain takes effect when team size reaches 20
  • Free Gran Fondo NJ Jersey for Team Captain. It takes effect when team size reaches 25


Team Tickets are discounted at:

~20% off the regular ticket price from Sept 18 thru Sept 30

~15% off the regular ticket price from Oct 1 thru Dec 31

~10% off the regular ticket price from Jan 1 thru Mar 31

~5% off the regular ticket price from Apr 1 thru June 30


To qualify for the team discount, and captains’ rewards:

  1. Team captain needs to create a team, and assign a password (Mandatory) to that team for access by team members. 
This will automatically give access to the team members to the discounted Team Prices.
  2. Team Captain must join the newly formed team.
  3. Team Captain sends out e-mail to team members to join the team – They will need the password the Captain created to join the team.
  4. Members join the team and the register at the team prices.


Team Members must not forward the Team information (password) to anyone else or post on a public site, Facebook page, etc.

Team Captain rewards are based only on team members who register as part of the team when they first register. Participants who transfer in to a team after they initially register as an individual do not count towards the Captain Benefits.

Team passwords are not permitted to be posted on-line or sent out in a bulk e-mail, and must be provided by the team manager upon request by individuals wishing to join the team.

Team benefits may not be applied retroactively to individual registrations.

Any questions or concerns, should be directed to the team captain.

Any violation of these privileges is strictly prohibited.

Team codes may be limited and subject to the same restrictions as in 2016 (i.e. they are not for public broadcasting or distribution and will be cancelled if misused).

Team benefits may be discontinued is subject to misuse.

Due to increased costs of putting on, and delivering, a World-Class Cycling Event, Gran Fondo NJ is re-evaluating its registration prices to keep in line with the value and experience we are delivering to our participants. Please check back for future updates.