The Gran Fondo NJ is a ride not a race and it’s enjoyed by a wide range of cyclists. From rookies to old pros there are challenges on our roads that fit every need.

We encourage and enforce all riders to respect each other, the rules of the road and the local motorists that will be on some of the streets. 

55% of our participants will choose the extremely challenging 107-mile Gran Route, 35 % will ride the challenging 62-mile Medio Route, 10% will ride the Piccolo Route and 5% the 18-mile Breve Route. All 2,500 participants will ride out of Morristown as part of our Mass Start – a cycling experience to remember.

Riders on the Gran Route have the option to drop down to the Medio Route at mile 33, and their results will be reclassified to the Medio. Riders on the Medio Route will have the option to drop down to the Piccolo Route at mile 22, and their results will be reclassified to the Piccolo.  Our goal is for you to have an amazing day regardless of which route you signed up for.

This is your day so enjoy it and help each other out when you can. But if you do have any problems our SAG vehicles are out there looking for you. If you need help, flag one down or call the number on your route sheet. If all is well, give them a “thumbs up” and they’ll pass you by.

Nutrition and hydration if very important so be sure to eat and drink enough to get you through the route you’ve chosen.

Good luck, enjoy your day and have a great, safe ride.