Gran Fondo NJ would not be possible without the generous support of our sponsors.  We encourage you to visit their websites, and more importantly use their products, and support their causes as a way of saying "Thank You" for helping us deliver this great event.





Giving back to our Community.

One of the missions of Gran Fondo NJ is "giving back to our community". In its first four years the event has raised over $600,000 in funds going directly to charitable organizations. These organizations use Gran Fondo NJ as a means to both raise awareness for their causes, and to generate much needed funds. If you fundraise, you may find it very motivating as you slug out the last 20 miles of the ride to know that you are doing so for a cause. Please check out our five beneficiaries, or fundraise for one of your own.



Affiliated Charities

There are a number of local and national charities that use Gran Fondo NJ as a vehicle to raise awareness of their cause, and funds to support their mission through fielding fundraising teams (both riders and volunteers) to ride in Gran Fondo NJ.  We welcome them with open arms as it aligns directly with one of our underlying principles of doing good for your community. If you are interested, contact them and see how you can contribute.

We also recognize that you may have a personal cause that you would like to support through Gran Fondo NJ.  If that is the case, we encourage you to go to the Gran Fondo NJ Event Fundraising page on Crowdrise, create your own fundraising page under the event and start campaigning to raise money.