“N + 1” What’s in your “N”?

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According to Velominati, the number of bikes that you should own is “N + 1”, where “N” is the number of bikes that you currently own – a fun “rule”.

You know you are a cyclist when someone asks you how many bikes you own, and you have to give pause to count them up.

My “N” currently consists of:

  1. a custom steel Waterford which replaced a 1992 steel Paramount I rode across Alaska in 2000 – it was a sad day that the Paramount got put out to pasture as a result of a cracked seat tube. The Waterford is a worthy replacement
  2. a Specialized Roubaix which was acquired during the time the Paramount was sent to the “ER” at Waterford to see if it was salvageable.  My ride for my 5,248 mile ride across Canada in 2010.
  3. a Jamis Zenith Team with Di2 – a very comfortable ride for the 212.8 mile NJ Y-Axis ride in 2013.
  4. a Specialized Fat Boy that I rode across a frozen lake in Northern Canada at the end of February 2015  – as close to Siberia as I would like to get. Makes for a very interesting Strava upload for a bike ride.
  5. a 1974 Shwinn Suburban which I salvaged from the bike shop and restored – currently the clydesdale.

The Schwinn was an interesting project that involved a lot of very fine steel wool, WD-40 (to restore the rusty chromed pieces to a shiny bright finish) and elbow grease. The bike is pretty much original, except I swapped out the rear derailleur and hub for a Shimano Nexus 3-speed hub with coaster brakes,  the rims & spokes for some Velocity Lime Green rims, and a “matching” green KMC chain. It is my tank (weighing just shy of 40 lbs) but is a fun whip to take to the store for groceries or just ride around town.  Of all the bikes I own, it is the one that seems to draw the most attention (probably because it is the least intimidating and most folks owned something like it in their youth.)

42 years old and shines like a new penny
42 years old and shines like a new penny


Matching chain & rims
Matching chain & rims


The finished project
The finished project


The memories you create on your bikes make the bikes themselves become a part of you, which in turn makes it very hard to part with them.

What’s in your “N”?

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