Going the extra mile (so you don’t have to)

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We get lots of questions regarding “What does Gran Fondo NJ do between October and August?”

At the end of every Gran Fondo NJ we review all aspects of the event to see what we can do better. We also research other Gran Fondos to see if we are missing anything.  We take great pride in our signage for Gran Fondo NJ – our goal is to have you ride any of our routes (collectively they cover about 130 miles of road and have over 150 turns) without having to reference a cue sheet.

Despite all of our efforts, painting over 900 directional arrows on the roads, placing over 250 directional signs on the routes, marshals and police providing guidance at key intersections, each year we get riders who manage to go off course, and call in to our support line saying “Where am I?”.

This past winter we reviewed over 500 individual ride postings of Gran Fondo NJ on Strava. That exercise gave us a great perspective of the mass of cyclists along the route – between about 10:30 and 11:30 in the morning there was a solid line of cyclists stretching out the 50 miles from Milford all the way back to Morristown.  One interesting part of this research was to be able to identify some key intersections where one or two riders shot past a turn and strayed off course for a few miles.

Ever since the first Gran Fondo NJ in 2011 we put down indicators on the pavement to let you know if you overshot a turn, and to turn back.  This year on those critical sections, we will be posting signage on the side of the road 500 feet after a critical turn to let you know you are off course.

All who wander are not lost
For when you stray from the pack


If you see one of these you need to slow down and safely turn around to rejoin the route.

Just one example of us going the extra mile so you don’t have to – our routes are challenging enough without you adding on an extra few miles.


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