Building better cyclists – Explaining wheel overlap
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One of our goals at Gran Fondo NJ is to build a better community of cyclists.  We want all of you to arrive safely at our finish line with a sense of pride and accomplishment.  That said, it can be a pretty daunting experience for our newer cyclists to be … Read More

Going the extra mile (so you don’t have to)
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We get lots of questions regarding “What does Gran Fondo NJ do between October and August?” At the end of every Gran Fondo NJ we review all aspects of the event to see what we can do better. We also research other Gran Fondos to see if we are missing anything.  We … Read More

“N + 1” What’s in your “N”?
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According to Velominati, the number of bikes that you should own is “N + 1”, where “N” is the number of bikes that you currently own – a fun “rule”. You know you are a cyclist when someone asks you how many bikes you own, and you have to give … Read More

What makes Gran Fondo NJ “Gran”?
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  With the hundreds of choices for “Gran Fondos” out there now, we thought we’d spend a bit of digital ink to re-iterate why we believe that Gran Fondo NJ is “Gran”. It seems that with the popularity of the event, lots of traditional cycling events have rebranded themselves as a … Read More

Gran Fondo NJ Blog – Why and who?
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Over the course of decades, we at Gran Fondo NJ have had a world of cycling experiences – rumor has it that Marty has even owned a bike shop or three (Marty’s Reliable Cycle).   Either individually or together, we have ridden countless events, and undertaken numerous cycling adventures. These include … Read More