What makes Gran Fondo NJ “Gran”?

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Gran Fondo NJ mass start.
Thousands of riders cross the line in the Gran Fondo NJ mass start.


With the hundreds of choices for “Gran Fondos” out there now, we thought we’d spend a bit of digital ink to re-iterate why we believe that Gran Fondo NJ is “Gran”. It seems that with the popularity of the event, lots of traditional cycling events have rebranded themselves as a Gran Fondo, without doing much else.

Here is our list of the Top Ten Things which make Gran Fondo NJ (or any Gran Fondo for that matter) worthy of the name:

  • Mass Start

You know you are in for a different day of cycling when you are lined up with your friends in a controlled mass start with thousands of other like-minded riders. At Gran Fondo NJ we are expecting over 2,500 for our 2016 edition.

  • Challenging Routes

You will want to finish the event exhausted, but with a sense of a major accomplishment – to help you achieve this we have selected very challenging routes with many beautiful climbs along the way. All routes are marked with extensive signage to guide you along your way. Our Gran Fondo route is 107 miles long with over 8,000 feet of total climbing.

  • Beautiful Scenery

Massive country estates, secluded forests, tiny towns, and rock-strewn creeks alongside the climbs are just some of the things you will see in your day-long adventure. We purposely choose “the road less traveled”, but where we must engage busier roads, we employ the local police force to ensure your safety.

  • Competition

With timed hill climbs on our Gran, Migrane, Medio and Piccolo Routes you can measure your progress year-over -year, and against your peers. Your chance to earn our coveted KoM, QoM, Team, Him/Her and Age Group Awards. Because we do not provide Start/Finish timing, you are free to relax along the rest of the route and enjoy our rest stops and scenery without impacting your results.

  • Over the Top Rest Stops

Cheerleaders, Seeing Eye Puppies, Canolis, Ice Cream, Belgian Waffles and an assortment of other treats in addition to the usual you’d expect on a ride. Our rest stops provide a welcome break on a very challenging day.

  • A “Tour-Like” Finish

You’ll finish your day riding through our-finish line chute and be congratulated with our team of volunteers who will reward your accomplishment with a finisher’s medal.

  • Post-Finish Celebration

Kick back, put your feet up and enjoy our post ride Expo and banquet as you re-live the day and recover from your adventure.

  • Community Involvement

The whole community comes out for the day to welcome our riders and cheer them on their way. Whether it is the impromptu gatherings of folks along side the routes, or the amazing volunteers at our six rest stops, you will feel at home in the event.

  • More Than Just a Day

Whether it is the “mini-Expo” during packet pick-up, our Kid’s Fondo on the Saturday before the event, or our training rides throughout the summer to help you prepare for the event, we celebrate cycling at every opportunity.

  • Giving Back Through Cycling

In its first 5 years, Gran Fondo NJ has generated over $750,000 in charitable contributions for our named Beneficiaries and Charitable Organizations who use the event as a fundraising platform. We are proud to be the first cycling event (Gran Fondo NJ 2014) to earn a Gold Level of Accreditation for Sustainability by The Council for Responsible Sport.

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